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Companions: Zoe Heriot (1968 - 1969)

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Classic Doctor Who opening titles, 1964-1996



The Fifth Doctor: Last Friday Night

audiobook is all one file (it still has episode divisions though), mp3 is a bunch of tracks

Oh ok thanks!!

audiobook is like a different format than mp3 yo

so there is a difference…

but what is this difference?


trying to look like a serious adult



Enlightenment is already amazing and perfect and everything but sometimes I imagine it with season 21 Fivey/Tegan/Turlough

it could have been even more….

Actually, if I remember correctly, it wasn’t apart of the Black Guardian Trilogy when Barbara Clegg originally submitted it. Clegg rewrote it to include the Guardians and Turlough when it was decided that it would close out the trilogy.

I always wondered about the original, standalone version. And ” the Enlighteners” characters at the end that the Guardians apparently replaced. Does Clegg do convention appearances?

But yeah, it would also have been really interesting to see how it would have differed with the Season 21 Five/Tegan/Turlough dynamic instead of the Season 20 one…

Really? This is news… and i also need to find out if Barbara Clegg does conventions

Okay, now I’m imagining about the original, non-Black Guardian Trilogy, non-Turlough, different-Enlighteners version of Enlightenment as well as season 21 dynamic Enlightenment…

so i was buying BF audios and then

what is the difference


Kill them with sass, honey…


The eighth doctor is sort of like a little kid given a bunch of cute puppies, he will play with them and pet them, but inevitably he will give them chocolate with out realizing it and kill them all.

fairytale AU where Nyssa is a princess trapped in a tower guarded by dragon!adric. Turlough is the reluctant knight chosen to save her but he weasels out of it so Tegan goes instead with the help of fairy godmother!fivey






Yes please

only if they distract dragon!adric with foodand turlough gets dragged along against his willand spends all his time snarking at fairytale tropesand princess nyssa passes the time conducting complex science experiments with a homemade lab (via morgeil)

I imagine that by the time they get to Nyssa she will have been almost ready with a cure for Adric’s dragon transformation.

She’ll have plenty of time to make the cure. I’m assuming Turlough’s going to make a run for it every other night and Tegan’s going to have to fetch him and then fairy godmother!Fivey will try and offer magical teleporting help but somehow land them on the other side of the kingdom.

(Plot twist?) What if it’s not quite a fairytale AU, but the result of Adric finding a copy of Dungeons & Dragons in a TARDIS closet and making everyone else play it with him. (I guess if Turlough’s there it’s still an AU of sorts where Adric survives Earthshock.) Adric’s the dragon because he’s the DM, but nobody else is cooperating with his plans really. The Doctor spends the whole time complaining about the fairy godmother business and trying to cast more useful spells but keeps rolling badly and making things worse - Tegan made him swap characters with her before they started because she wanted to go dragon-slaying instead.

*whispers aggressively* what do you mean you’re not going to write this


How to persuade the Master to covertly do your dirty work: offer him a whole new cycle of regenerations.

The Five Doctors established thirty years ago that the twelve regenerations/thirteen incarnations thing (established in The Deadly Assassin) was a limit set by Time Lord law and not an actual biological limitation.

And with the Time Lords back in Doctor Who (oh happy day - presumably Leela and Romana are alive!) no Whovian need worry about the next Doctor - or the one after, or whatever - being the last.

At some point the Doctor will find the lost and time-frozen planet of Gallifrey in that pocket universe he created and, to express their gratitude, the Time Lords will reward him with…

"Regeneration. A complete new life cycle."

Here’s to the next fifty years.


This is a little photoshop side project i’ve been working on. The premise is what if the Tardis mixes up control rooms on the classic Doctor’s. The Tardis has hinted in the past that the old Control Rooms are never deleted just archived. She has also said due to the fact it’s a time machine she has also archived Control Rooms that haven’t been created yet.  


So let’s talk about Peter Davison in Frontios. Because…damn.


So let’s talk about Peter Davison in Frontios. Because…damn.